Ready ceiling

This type of hanging structures is made of polychlorvinyl. This material has a very wide color range and a variety of textures. And although the thickness of such film is small (on average 0.22 mm) it is able to keep water pressure – up to 100 liters per sq.m. At the same time, the canvas stretched under the weight of water very quickly comes into its original form, as soon as the consequences of flooding are eliminated

The matte texture in appearance is similar to the classic plastered ceiling. Its muted glare without glitter help to create a homely cozy atmosphere. Such stretch ceilings are especially good in the bedroom and children’s

The main advantage of this material is the optimal value for money. By their technical characteristics, they are identical to film coatings, have the same advantages and disadvantages. This finish attracts also the fact that it looks organic in any style of interior

Glossy ceilings are the most popular and sought-after type of finish produced from PVC film. The advantages of this material are many, the main of them – the rich color scheme and the ability to visually add height to the room. Glossy canvases have just a mirror smoothness, thanks to which, partially reflect the interior items. This effect adds space to the room. This property has found wide use for the finishing of typical apartments of a small height, as well as to create a particularly solemn environment in the premises where it is necessary. Due to moisture resistance, they can also be used for bathroom cladding